Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Stitched Bags


Purses are my weakness and now I've taken a liking to a different art - stitching. I always had a fear for sewing machines. Though I would stitch but was never comfortable with it. When I saw these kinds of purses at an aunt's place I fell in love instantly. I wanted to make them but was skeptical using sewing machine again. However my temptation overtook my fear and here I am with these cute bags..

I made this purse out of waste swatches of cloth lying in the wardrobe. My nani, My mom and me have a habit of collecting swatches of fabric. They are very useful in making some or the other things. Whenever we stitch our dresses we never throw the remaining extra pieces. They are stored in a bag for making quilts. When enough is collected we make a quilt out of it.. However this time I was too tempted to make a bag from it. Isn't it lovely?


This is the bigger one and proving very useful for me. I just love it. There are more to come now...... Have already started with a batwa and looking forward to many more stitched bags....


  1. these are totally awesome..very cute...make one for me now!!!!hmmmm

  2. First time here..Love this cutie bags yaar


  3. Wow wonderful and cute bags :) Very cute :) Thanks for joining my kitchen :)

  4. hey you're a craftswoman!! i'm in love with such talents. will faithfully encourage you. hope you keep up the good work here. will be back to explore more. hope you know minis treasure trove and farah's. you can chk my blog list...thank you.

  5. Such a cute bag...so u hav a real talent hidden inside:-)
    Thank u 4 visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments..

  6. cute bag indeed!...thank you for visiting my blog and following me samira:)..mini

  7. Cute bag....why dont u do a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this bag...my daughter would love to make one.