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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Guava Experiment


I am a big fan of guavas whereas my mom doesnt allows to eat more of them. They produce cough and cold within a person, is her belief. However sometimes I do bring it and relish it. This time I crazily bought a lots of it and having so much of them did affect my throat and I developed a lill cough. No matter what I had to finish off the remaining guavas and therefore experimented this. Though it is just silly and crazy and tasted fine tooo but I don't think I will ever again make it :-p

No recipe for this. Just that I cut the guava in half scooped out the insides. Grinded it along with some black grapes, apple and banana. Heat olive oil in a pan and transferred the grinded paste into it. Saute for few minutes and filled the paste into the guava.


  1. Nice try Samira....fascinating clicks..:D
    Tasty appetite

  2. ohhh...droooooling here...perfect n tempting..

  3. Completely new variety of indulgence with guava....when u have guava with pepper powder, with skin removed u will not get cold...