Sunday, February 13, 2011

Before My Mom Comes



Yippee!!!! My mom will be back next sunday and I am the most happiest.... But therz lots of work to be completed before she comes. I need to complete crocheting a few doilies.. complete stitching my dupatta and more over finish of these tonics which she had given me before leaving around 4 months back.I can complete everything but these meds, are a tough task for me. These meds are only a months quota but its 4 months now and I still have to finish them all.

My mom thinks because I am a fussy eater and don't eat properly I am in very much need of these tonics. But whenever I have them I feel very much hungry and want to gobble down anything as soon as possible, which is mostly junk food. So what good are these meds for me I've never understood that. Well anyways, whenever I don't have them my mom says agarbatti ki dhuni daal de. So thats what I did in this pic. :-) Love U Mom.

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  1. Have fun time with mom and awesome goodies she brings.