Sunday, October 31, 2010

Methi Laddoos


When methi laddoos are prepared at home it means winter has arrived. These laddoos are prepared atleast 4 to 5 times a year at our place, usually during winters and rainy season. As kids we never liked this laddoos because of its bitter taste. But now knowing its many health benefits we eat it...

These are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron in their natural forms. Its mineral and vitamin contents are also very high and gets easily assimilated by our body. It acts as winter warmers and also control bodyaches, low-back pains. It is antiseptic, has expectorant qualities and helps in easing coughs and sore throats. It keeps respiratory system, nervous system, neuromuscular system in a good condition. It acts as a tonic for the body, strengthening bones, improves digestion, good for arthtitis, bronchitis, anemia and maintains a healthy metabolism.

Dabba full of laddoos:
This is the quota for 15 days. Mom has asked us to finish it off within 15 days, cannot keep more as it contains grated dry coconut too. So having 1 before breakfast, later mid morning breakfast, then in the evening with tea and then ultimately one after dinner...

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