Monday, August 23, 2010

Sumeet or Sumeeta


I love dressing up sumeet in rupali's clothes. And he always find it very amusing me doing it. just look at his expressions in first and then the second pic...

Because of his hairs I was not able to give him a girlie look, so I covered it up.

One day he came early in the morning around 7.30 - 8. My siblings were sleeping after their sairi, I was the only one awake. Thought to experiment with my dupatta and sumeet togather (hehehe) so draped him a saree. He was so conscious in the beginning, later gave me a smiling pose.

My siblings don't call me a raddiwali yun hi.... Cleaning the raddi dept. of our house is my responsibility and I don't let anyone else do it. Sometimes there are good recipes out there in the newspapers, and sometimes good info on health and general things. Since my school days I cut all these and store it. I have learnt cooking experimenting all those newspaper recipes..
This time, I got lill lazy to remove all the raddi since long and it got accumulated. Finally, one day I gathered my mood and removed all of them and called the raddiwala. Before raddiwala sumeet came to our house and stood besides the raddi, giving a pose. I immediately went for my camera and clicked his pics. Later I made him sit on it, he was so happy to sit, though a bit scared of falling...

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