Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Lace Collection


People have various hobbies. Some are too good and some are too crazy. I dunno how I should term mine.. of collecting laces.. Actually I inherited this hobby from my mom. Besides when one is getting them in cheaper rates why not to stock it up, we never know.. we may need it any time soon.

The above laces I got them in a relatively cheaper rates. The shopkeeper had kept all the remaining laces for sale to bring in new stock. The laces were indeed very good and I instantly liked them and bought it. Since then I've been using them on my kurtis, dupattas etc. Its the season of mix and match, laces add a different look to the otherwise plain dress.

Some of the laces here are from my mom's time. She used laces on our frocks, dresses and now its the baby dresses turn.... she is using it on them..


  1. i do agree, laces add an extra elegance on a plain dress !

  2. where will i get these lace to purchase?