Sunday, August 15, 2010

Iftaar Party


One thing that everybody loves about ramzan is the iftaari. We too love it but having a lavish iftaari means to skip dinner, which ultimately means inviting my parents wrath. However lavish iftaari spread looks good only when there are more number of people. And we being mumbaiities, having food with a diet chart in hand.. the question of lavish iftari doesn't comes at all. But still I love the feel of this festivity. I would love to visit hyderabad during such times, as my bros say that it is the best time to feel the festivities of ramzan over there.

My nani was with us during the start of ramzan this year, and I love preparing varieties in iftaari for her. She was the person besides my mom, who had taken my lots of care in my childhood. Doing something for her is just my small way of saying thank you to her. Here in the above pic there is sabudana wada, dates coconut rolls, dudhi sherbat, gulgule and fruit chat. I know I need to post all the recipes also for it but today just tired. Some other time soon....

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