Monday, August 30, 2010

Chotu...... This Was For You


Its almost a year now since my bro left for canada for his studies. I had written in my last post for him that he asked me to crochet a few warm clothes for him. However at that time I couldn't do it and after a year too I am not done with any of his requests. I had planned to make gloves, a scarf, hat, and a blanket for him. Choosing a proper color for men is always tough, they prefer dark and sober colors. As it is we don't get good variety of wools here. However I bought the above ones and had started to crochet a scarf, but I was just not satisfied. Hence I frogged it. Next I planned to make gloves out of it, but soon gave up. I just got irriated and locked the wool in my cupboard. Actually the wool was not upto my expectations, I wanted a much thicker one than what I had.
The wool was locked in the cupboard but after some time I was feeling suffocated and hence got that wool back and made a knitted sweater for my dad with the help of my neighbour ( I am not good at knitting na). Sorry chotu, I will surely make something for you one day......

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