Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramzan 2010


Ramzan time once again. Time flies away so soon nowadays. I myself find it difficult to believe that a year has passed since my post on ramzan last year. However this month brings with it lots of happiness and love. I feel very much safe in this month..... because the devils are chained na ;-) Well this ramzan is as special as all any other previously, bt what makes it lill more special is that I've my friend with me for this ramzan. Patience always pays off good. I've accepted this fact in life. Just do good and patiently pray, things will soon work out best by themselves. Whenever things are not turning our way, it doesnt means life has turned off on us. When something goes wrong in any relationship, it only makes it stronger in the end if our love and respect for that person is true.

And besides, Rab is there to take care of everything. So this is the month, we should offer all our thanks to Him. Neither do I want jannat nor do I want luxuries of life and hereafter. All I want is that my Rab should be happy with me. "Mera Rab mujhse hamesha raazi rahe bas yahi kaafi hai."

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