Monday, September 14, 2009

Alvida Ramzan


The month of ramzan is coming to an end. It seems just yesterday that I posted on the arrival of ramzan. Time passed away too quickly it seems. This last few days of ramzan are a mix of happy and sad feelings. Happy because eid is approching and sad because the month of ramzan is coming to an end. The way we change our habits for the good this month should be applied to all the other months too. Rab never said to be pious only during ramzan, but one should be the same all through the year. The patience, the kindness in the heart, the giving nature..... all this should be there within a person throughout the year.

In my view, one should never expect anything from anyone. Expecting usually leads to disappointment. I feel that one should just do his best for the others without expecting anything in return. thats when you'll receive the pure joy of helping someone. And our efforts sooner or later will surely be paid off by none other than the Almighty himself. No human has the power to give us anything until and unless the Rab wills it for us. Same way, no human has the power to hurt us untill the Rab wills that for us. Well I think now I am getting too philosophical.

So some fun part now. Well, ramzan is the month of fasting for sure, but it also is the month for feasting for some. Hahahah. Everyday, new and different delicacies are prepared, it is shared with neighbours. It is said, sharing your iftaar gives you a lot of sawaab this month. Our family is a foodie family with limits. My dad's kind of iftaar is just dates and eating the food right away. At night after taraweeh prayers he likes to have ganji, fruit juices or simply milk with some fruits. According to him, after whole day of fast our body should get proper food instead of fried snacks which just fills up the stomach without giving much energy and strength. Although I agree to his point of view and like his way of iftaar too, but being a mumbaiite, I crave for some fried snacks during iftaar. Not too much but alongside fruits atleast one fried thing serves the purpose, It gives the feel ki haan roza rakhe thay and ab roza khol rahe hai, hehehehe.

But seriously, this month provides a lot of satisfaction to the soul. (not in foodie terms, ok) ;~B

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