Thursday, September 10, 2009



Its a long time since my last post. There was much more gap between my postings back few months, but now that I am posting as regularly as I can, even a small time gap make me feel its so long. However last week was though a lill busy, I enjoyed my weekend. My brothers had come over and we had lots of fun, masti and of course teasing and hitting each other. God knows when we'll grow up. ( I don't wanna ever)...

One of my younger brother was going to Canada for his further studies so they had come to meet us. Ofcourse we dropped him till airport, he was a bit nervous to go. We never stayed so far away from each other, may be thats why. However he had asked me to crochet a few warm clothes for him. But the time I got was very less to start any stuff, and besides my bad luck with wools. (whatever project I start, the wools ditch me and I don't get the same colour again in the market. So have to either shelve my project or just do something to save my skin)

But still I thought to give it a try again this time, (it was during my exams recently and out of enthusiasm I bought dark brown coloured wool, a whole packet of it). Thought to start with some short projects like hand gloves, fingerless hand warmers, shawls, neck warmers etc...... But again this time as I started with a shawl first, from the ravelry, I noticed the wool was not that good. Like I just didn't liked it for the shawl thing. So I frogged that and thought of making hand gloves first. But again I felt the wool to be too thin for a hand glove. By this time I was out of my mood to prepare anything for my brother. So now what to do with the whole packet of the wool. Got back to my favourite baby stuffs. Its with this wool that I've made the baby dress or dhingri, about which I've mentioned previously in my post.

The baby dress has been completed, just wanna have to attach two buttons on it, but not getting the time to go out hunting for good buttons. However I was embarassed when my brother asked about the crocheted warm clothes for him. I just didn't know where to hide that time. "Sorry Bro" Insha Allah I surely will send some soon. Keep waiting ;-)

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