Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First Crochet Purse


This is my very first crocheted purse. I was not sure whether I could ever crochet a purse all by myself, without my mom's help. But with the help of a pattern book gifted to me by my siblings, I could crochet this beautiful purse. After this purse I crocheted more than a dozen purse, and my craze for crocheting purse only came to halt when my mom complained. My personal preference for purse is simple, sober, formal types. I have hardly used the purse which I have crocheted, some are yet to be used. My mom suggested to crochet those things which I or others may use, instead of just following the craze.

Thats why I think I started on to with baby projects....... However I am again planning to crochet a simple purse for myself, this time hoping to use it.

A closer look.........

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