Saturday, September 12, 2009



Everyday holds something or the other for each one of us. And everytime, everything is good. Its just that at some point of time we feel something is going terribly wrong. Like yesterday with me, since morning, was feeling a bit down. My pet was going away. :-( Although I was already knowing this beforehand, still was feeling a lill down. That's life, isn't it? For the one we love, we always want them to be near us. However we know this cannot be possible all the time. My Pet 'Ritika', she is a darling, cute chubby girl. And my team partner. She is a punjabi kudi staying in America. She first came to India when she was 3 1/2 yrs old. Since then we stuck a cord between each other. She left after celebrating her 5th birthday. And now she is all of 7 yrs old and back in India.

However she left for Dalhousie yesterday. That's where she'll complete her schooling now. Dalhousie Hilltop, that's her school. The two weeks which we spent togather were very amazing and fun-filled. Whole day she would be with us, and a few days before leaving she even slept with me at my place. She was just not ready to leave me for a minute. That's innocent love isn't it? Well, I had to be awake with her at night during our story telling sessions. Sometimes innovating a story to suit her demands. Aahh... that staying awake part late at night was a bit difficult, I am not used to stay awake so late at night and she refused to sleep until she was content with the stories I told.

Well, like good times don't last long, bad times too will fly away soon. And Insha allah, by november end or early december i'll have her back with me, playing and doing masti, telling stories and all. That's hope..............Am I right?

Her childhood pics.............

Her Favourite pose...............

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