Friday, September 11, 2009

Cup Cakes


Ramzan Time. Although we fast whole day during this month, I feel like eating and trying out more and more on the cooking front. I don't know what has happened to me this time, but its like when I am fasting during the day, my mind wonders what to have during and after iftaar. Its food in mind most of the time. :-) Oh my Rab please forgive me. However with the food fetish, I also try to fulfill my religious obligations but some or other way around evening I sometimes really become impatient to open my fast just to try out my preparations. Rab, mera kya hoga!!!

Well, I love cup cakes. And the above one will always be remembered because just after mixing and beating its batter, my beater gave way. I think that's my punishment. However the cupcakes turned out to be sooooooooo very good and delicious. I had put choclate chips over it, they didn't only enhanced its look but tasted goood along with it too.
This recipe is same that of basic cake recipe, only that I have put it in cupcakes mould.

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