Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Gold Fish


Now that's my favourite Gold Fish. One day I just happened to click its pic and was really very very amazed at the results. The pic came out to be so good that the scales too can be very clearly seen. I usually find it very difficult to click the pics of the fishes because they don't stay still. But this one was like just posing for me............soooooooo cute is'nt it?

Since then I've become addicted, clicking pics of my fish tank like crazy. But after this pic, I could'nt get any other good pics of the other fishes in the tank. Well soon I intend to post a few more pics of my tank and also one video where I caught two fishes kissing each other.. hahaha. Yup!! thats very true, Insha allah, I'll very soon upload them for everyone to see.

Fishes are very innocent creatures and it pleases one's heart to keep watching them playing with each other. They are truly beautiful and innocent...

1 comment:

  1. Lovely picture. Looks like your fish tank is very pretty .Waiting to see more pictures of your fish and projects too.