Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank You Everybody


Now that my nani is back home from hospital, I am a relieved person. I was really really stressed out with her condition.. I couldn't see her in pain for long. And in mom's absence it had become a difficult task managing and running to and fro from hospital to back home and vice-versa. My nani prefers rotis made by me. I roll it lill thin like phulkas so that would be easier for her to chew. So even though my both sis cooked all other things, for making rotis I had to come back home and then again go back to hospital to feed nani.

However one thing I would like to mention is that my thanks to everybody. First I'll start with my Rab. He is the one who deserves most thanks. Next is samidha. I was really stressed out in the year end, last yr. If it wouldn't have been for sami I would have myself got hospitalized alongside nani. She took me for the village trip which really refreshed my nerves. Although I refused her first, later on tupi called in and I agreed. Thank you tupi for that. Thank you didi, Thank you aunty, Thank you pinky, Thank you nitin and Thanks to pinky's parents (their place we visited). I didn't knew pinky, nitin and their parents but they treated me very well. That's y I say, I love the simplicity of the village people very much. They are simple, good-natured, friendly and very helpful people. I would also like to thanx my parents too as they never stopped me going anywhere with my friends, always giving me permission even before I ask for it. And hey thanks to driver dada too........

Visiting a village, not only refreshed me but gave me energy mentally and physically too. My nani was so weak that she couldn't even sit on her own, I had to hold her up and make her sit. She is lill on the heavier side so it was very difficult for me to lift her and make her sit. I got the courage only because I myself was relaxed and fine. Really Rab knows well what things to happen when.... Ultimately I would say my thanks to my Rab who is always there for me...... silently helping me...

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