Saturday, January 16, 2010

Through The Window of Two Worlds


Life looks so different from the other end. Though it may be same but it still looks different. My nani was hospitalized for the past few day and dts where I saw a lill different world, different than mine..

Our house is in a fully residential area, so I was amused at this roadside view from the hospital room. Yes at that point of time, life looked very different to me, I dunno why. What I see when I wake up is greenery. Therz a garden right near our house. I see kids laughing and playing, elders strolling, some people sitting and chatting happily. That's what I've always seen and felt about life.

The above pics though are early morning pics with less traffic on the roads, yet they look gloomy to me. For me Alhamdulillah life has always been joyous. Ups and downs comes in everybodyz life, but looking at the laughing faces and the greens near us.. takes away all the weariness from us.

Dts the view from my world................... Same early morning pics.


  1. Salaam Shama! In contrast to you, I love the view from your nani's hospital room. To me it looks cheerful! I always like to watch people. Yes, the greenery is very peaceful, but there's nothing Indian about it-- it couls be a photo from anywhere, so tome it's not unique or interesting!
    Please do tell, what is a sonpari?

  2. Walaykum Salam Zainab aunty. You might be searching India among my pics, and thats y u didn't find any India among the greenery, its same all over. This is what is interesting, all the basic things are same all over, we people only search differences between them. I love greenery, be it near my home or anywhere.

    And sonpari is a popular kids tv serial in India. Sonpari is the fairy who always comes to the rescue of a lil girl whenever shez in difficulty, solving her problems and protecting her from evils. Thats how my mom too is. And thats y she is my Sonpari.

  3. You are right about the basic things being same everywhere! And it's fascinating to see the differences in the ways people do the same things-- how they cook, how they dress, how they decorate their homes etc.
    Sonpari sounds like a good show. And you are so lucky to have a mom who is your sonpari! She is also lucky to have the chance of being your sonpari.