Friday, January 22, 2010

Hospital Bag


My grandmom was admitted in hospital this month. I used to stay with her at night and that was the toughest time. I am quiet talkative but therez restrictions to talk to patients. Anyhow I made friends with the nurses and maushis from the hospital. Still there would be lots of time on hands and therefore I carried my all-time favourite hobby with me - crocheting. This bag I made it in hospital, and most of the nurses would gather around me at night chit-chatting and learning to crochet. And I should say my nani loved it too, she would be happy with all fun around. I've learnt one lesson from this, whenever life seems gloomy just smile and then laugh, all the darkness disappears in seconds. Though people may count you as mad but this works, and it works for good..

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