Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Swap Project


Ravelry is a very beautiful site and more beautiful are its people. There was a swap organised last year during the month of september and I had participated in it. The moderator makes pairs and then a questionnaire is sent to every participating members. It contains basic info about the other participating partner, fav craft, colors, postal address etc.. Once this is received each one starts to make something for their partner and send it to them. I had made this for Zainab aunty, from Los Angeles, California. We had some 3-4 months time to complete our swap project.

Zainab aunty is a sweet soft -spoken lady, full of life. I just don't have words to write about her, but she is one of the most wonderful person i've come around. we've neither met nor talked on the phone, just in touch through ravelry message box, but yet there is a magical connection that keeps me binded towards her. "God Bless Her"

Well regarding my project, I not only crocheted this bag for her, but the box too I myself made it out of cardboard, wrapped it in red velvett paper, tied a ribbon and then again wrapped it in plastic sheet. Finally had to wrap it again in a cloth cover for international mailing. It is said when u make something for someone from ur heart with every knit, u knit prayers for that person. I've used glitter purse yarn coz I want her life to glitter and be beautiful all the time.

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