Monday, January 18, 2010

Treasure Hunt


Jewellery Making!!! I took up this new interest last year. My mom is an all-rounder and has done all of these as a young girl. Infact she used to make wire baskets too, which I've never tried yet. Taking up jewellery making was an effort to take my mom to her childhood memories. She always encouraged me taking up this art, bt things sometime depends on my mood na :-) . However, suddenly one day I decided to go ahead with this art and the happiness I saw on my mom's face was worth all my efforts. She always says, I am the only one among her daughters whoz crazy like her with regards to such hobbies. None of my sis are interested in any of these arts and therefore whenever I take up something new, my mom's face just glows up. I love it.

This was the very first necklace which I made. It looks such a beauty when worn over the sarees. Making it was a lil tedious work as dt being my first time ( I could have made a simpler one first too). However I've learned to make biryanis before dal. That's how I am.

Now that was my second project. This too goes well with sarees and looks very elegant.

More clear look........

After the above necklace, my mom asked me to make a small necklace in pearls for a baby girl. Shez a cute lill girl, I dunno her name bt we call her "mitthi" (means sweet). Shez a pakistani staying in Qatar near to my dad's place. Her mom.. Farida aunty.. is a gem of a person.

This set I'd made for my younger sis. She loves dressing up with most of the matching things from head to toe. Thats why I made this necklace to go with her dress.

This is again for her. She needed a set for the occasion of Eid. Her dress was in blue and pink colour. She wanted a necklace in similar colour to go with the dress. Hence came up with this.

Closer look.......

Thats a pair of anklets. We all love anklets, and I specially love the ghungru ones. But wearing such anklets in mumbai is just not feasible. It is worned only on certain special occasions. However I made this for my sis and it looks really great on her feet.

After making those above, I thought of making them in pearl too. Really apart from silver anklets these types too look cute to wear on.

My daily wear earrings......... I love making things but hardly use them. I either gift it or they are stacked up in my cupboard, till I need them. These earrings I thought I'll use it but they too are resting in my cupboard.

Aaah Haa!!! Bangles!! My favourite...... I might not wear earrings or necklaces but I really really need bangles and more bangles. I am Bangle Crazy. Just give me any colour, any design, no matter they be different from each other. I can wear all at the same time. Bangles just make me very happy.

I had seen this kind of bangles on my trip to Hyderabad. When I learnt jewellery making, I thought to give it a try and the outcome is awesome. This goes well with most of my maroon dresses.

This bangles are class. The lady who taught me jewellery making said these were everybodyz favourite. And true to her words, these bangles became an instant hit at my place too. Everyone from my mom, sis, aunts to my friends, they all loved it and demanded (demanded... not requested) a set for them too.

Well that's it as of now. All my materials have exhausted and I wanna order for more, bt strict orders from mom........everything after the exams. God!! Exam time again.......


  1. Wow Shama! These are STUNNINGLY beautiful!!! I can't imagine how you made them. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  2. commendable work !!! love all these jewelries ! my MIl is an expert too in these jewelry-making but iam not :(

  3. waooooooo...i check your this post today & this is really great..amazing,your mom is MashaAllah so talented..& you are also doing awesome job..kindly share any tutorial of this heavy jewelry making things..i love these jewelry pieces & will love to see their tutorials..super nice & awesome again...thanks for sharing your creations..keep it up...

  4. Wow... Those bangles look awesome... Why 't you post a tutorial on your blog...!!