Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Mania


I got into making baby dress mode last month. Actually I wanted to gift some dresses to Neelam didi's sis-in-law's daughter Bhargavi and Neelam didi's friend's daughter Chaturya. But chaturya is around 1 1/2 yrs old and I just couldn't make a dress of her size. Simply because I enjoy making lill baby dress, and somehow subconciously I couldn't make that big a dress.

The above is a sienna dress gone wrong from ravelry. When I started with it, it was fine but around the middle part I got confused with the instructions and it started going wrong. However in no mood to frogg it at this part, I continued. This got made for a newborn baby size, whereas Bhargavi will turn a year old this september. So that means another dress to make....

This is a pretty pinnafore pattern from moms love of crochet. I loved this pattern at first sight and started making it at once. However after completing half the dress I realised this dress too will be for a newborn baby. So I lost interest and didn't make the pineapple frills at the end.

I attached beads and it looked very pretty.....

This is again archana didi's pattern, Once I had posted before too.

This I can very proudly say is my own pattern. I have a flower loom, and love to make flowers from it. I thought to experiment with the flowers and therefore made the upper part of the dress of flowers and lower part frilled one over the other. I had this kind of dress when I was a kid, I thought to replicate it in crochet.

This is a ruffled baby dress again gone lill wrong ( not with the pattern bt with the needle and yarn). While making these dresses my nani was here with us. When she saw all those small dresses she asked me to crochet a bigger one, keeping her request in mind I made this using a baby wool and a bigger sized needle. Now people who crochet can imagine what can happen with such a combi.
But to my surprise, neelam didi loved this one very much... That means my mehnat vasool......

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  1. Hello, Thanks for the blessings for our baby girl, She is doing really well.
    The blue pinafore above with the lace up back and tiny beads is the one I would love to get. Many thanks for your kindness. Leonie.