Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My new Scooty


Atlast my fear for riding two-wheelers disappeared into thin air. Since my childhood I was always so scared to ride even cycle. I just couldn't balance that thing over only two-wheels. My parents would attach more two wheels (the balancing wheels) on both the cycle and then let me drive, hoping that my fear will drop down. But all would go in vain once I fall down. I gave up riding two-wheelers after that. And when I turned 18, I learned to drive 4-wheelers instead. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I had given up but my mom didn't. She somhow convinced me to atleast try a scooty and enrolled me for a scooty driving class. Whoa!!!! I felt like main kahan phas gayi. However slowly slowly I began enjoying my training sessions. And I should say ultimately my mehnat paid off. I made my mom happy and proud. She got me this new scooty. And I love riding it now. There was a big argument at deciding the color. I wanted this purple one and my lill sis wanted a light pink one. Ultimately my sis gave in to my demands..... ;-)  I am just lovin it riding. Thanx mom.... Luv u.....


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