Sunday, September 19, 2010



Butterflies are beautiful. I was always fascinated by them. Because of my fascination for them my parents had placed three artificial butterflies in our drawing room when I was a kid. I love the colors on them. I love their free nature. They are a beauty in itself. Although I should admit, if any of my bros bought that thing near me I would scream and run away.
I saw this butterfly sitting mazay se in my drawing room. I tried clicking its pic but it didn't come out that well. Whereas this butterfly was really very beautiful... We seldom pay attention to these creations which Rab made for us to see and destress. Rab has offered us nature as the biggest destresser but we get so much lost in our daily grind that we forget to see whats around us. I feel we should be always thankful to Rab for this...

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