Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eid Mubarak


With the end of the month of Ramzan, coming with the new moon... Eid has arrived. The atmosphere on the eve of Eid is like that home where a daughter is about to get married. Everyone is happy for the celebrations but at the same moment there is some emptiness in heart that the month of ramazan has come to an end. Ramzan in the most blessed month among all. And it coming to an end brings lill sorrow as well the happiness of the approaching Eid. Same like the happiness of marrying away a daughter but at the same time upset that she is going away...

Eid not only is the time to celebrate but also its one of the main aspect is charity, which muslims are expected to extend to the needy. This has to be done before offering Eid namaz ( as in prayers). Hence the name Eid -ul - Fitr.

Eid is a day of joy and thanksgiving. Everyone visits each others place, this strenghthen the familial ties between people. Elders offer eidis to kids either in cash form or in gifts..This was the thing which we used to eagerly wait for as kids and at the end of the day count who received it more...

Today things are same, feelings are same but there is this lonileness. My parents are away this time. However the best gift this year my Rab gave me on Eid today is that my nani kissed my forehead after the Eid namaz. All these years I was expecting this from her but that never came. My nani is a tough person to please, but ultimaltely my patience and love paid off. My parents follow this ritual but in their absence there was no one. What better gift could I get on Eid this year. This Eid will always be remembered.

Ok I think enough of emotional talks.... Now lets talk about some food..... "Sheerkhurma" - speciality of eid. This year I prepared it, was amazing as my siblings loved it.... gave good comments. The food was simple, mutton curry and zeera rice... After eating so much of sweet since morning therez not much place for food. Well this time Eid at our place was a simple affair, just became lill exciting in the evening after friends came over. Friends I feel always add a spark in our life.. May Rab give happiness to everyone..

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