Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My New Umbrella


I have been using my old umbrella since last 8-10 years. It was so good and sturdy that it was working fine till last year. It was only last year in rains that it broke. I was still using it as it is. I didn't had any heart to change it. Even this year I didn't bought a new one. My bro and sis were almost behind me to buy a new umbrella but I was against it. I usually avoided going out in rains and when I couldn't avoid either I used to get drenched or carry my sis's umbrella. And then my sis screaming and running after me to get back her umbrella.

It so happened, that I and my sis had gone out for shopping.... without the umbrella. The sky was clear and it didn't seem that it would rain. However one cannot trust rains in mumbai. It started raining heavily. We were stranded. Ulitmately got bored standing at one place. Thought to move on and buy one umbrella but there wasn't any shop selling umbrellas nearby. We had to walk a long distance, and there we saw umbrellas for sale. So happy I was that I ran leaving my sis behind. The main reason to get an umbrella was that my sis was alongwith me and was getting drenched because of me. She gets cough and cold very quickly, I was just concerned about her.

When I entered the shop the price tags of the umbrellas made me drop my jaw. I been a marwari (people call me by that name) didn't wanted to spend so much on such a thing which I would hardly use after a few days. However after scurring the whole shop I settled for the most cheapest one in that shop, still I got it for Rs. 350/-. After coming home both my sis and bro started after me for being such a kanjus and not buying a good piece. The umbrella is a sturdy one only that it is not beautiful, my sis said.... Well I can make it beautiful just waving my magic wand.... my jadoo ki chadii...

The umbrella in its original form......

The above pics..... after waving my magic wand, isn't it beautiful now? 

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