Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Belated Happy Independence Day


Aah!! I think I am the only blogger who is wishing Independence so late. Actually I wanted to post a big one on Independence Day but unfortunately that day our internet connection was down. This is India. And we couldn't call the service providers as it was a holiday. Damm the mood for blogging, who cares, This is India. And we are Indians.

Well this is really India, but we are Indians only when we are abroad. When in India, we are Mumbaiites, Delhiites, Punjabis, Hyderabadis, Sindhis, Malu, Tamils.....................and the list goes on.

When in India we love our state more than anything else. And love our country only on Independence Day. And that's the thing which makes me really think why we follow such a discrimination. The Shahrukh starrer Chak De film is the best example we can have today. It's really one superb movie which I repeatedly like to see.

India is really a very beautiful country. View it from any angle, every angle has its very own beauty and innocency. Each tradition, each culture, the people very different from each other yet attached and connected to a very special cord "INDIA". Each state has a story to tell, each face has something to narrate.

Well, don't wanna write a bhashan like the politicians. That really spoils the meaning of independence. For every Indian, India holds a very special place in heart, I just hope this feeling continues even while in India too.....

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