Saturday, August 22, 2009



Its one beautiful doily I made during college time. The best feature of this is that it can be used from both the sides. I cannot say which one is the right or wrong side because both the sides look good for use.

This is also one of the doily made during my college days. It was one of my home science class project. This colour combination was given to me by my maternal uncle. He suggested to use the colours this way and it looks really good.

The flowers in this doily were made using a flower loop which my mom had gifted me. She gifted me that whole set when I was in school, but I actually used that loop after my school. When I made those flowers I didn't had any idea what to do wth them. My mom suggested to make a doily out of it. However joining those flowers was a lill tough part and mom helped me with that. I love this one very much because it is very fluffy kind.

This is a threadwork doily with simple chain stitches all around and some cluster stitches in between for the flower effect. This can be made in half an hour's time and looks wonderful over the table.

This is also a threadwork doily but the thread here is a shiny nylon thread, which we usually get here for making purses. I am not good at clicking pics and therefore the above two pics of the same doily taken at same time differs. I was not able to decide which one to post and hence posted both of them.

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