Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramzan Mubarak


Ramzan is the most beautiful month for every muslims. The aura of this month is very different from other months. It is like a calm festivity going on. The atmosphere totally changes for good. Its in Hadith that " whoever feels a sense of joy before the month of ramzan that the holy month is approaching, all his sins would be forgiven". Yes!! that's the spirit of ramzan. All the muslims get a chance to cleanse themselves of all the sins and become purified. Although this all depends on one's own sincerity. The more sincere we are in performing our rituals and duties towards other, the more rewards are bestowed on us.

There are many sites whch provide info on the ramzan. One among them I liked this one. It also mentions importance of Durood Shareef which is very touching.

Hope Rab forgives our sins and shower us with his blessings in this holy month....

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