Friday, August 21, 2009

Introspection Or Addiction


Sometimes it feels life is a very long journey and we will really get tired of it someday. But at the very other thought it seems that time will fly away so soon, we won't able to catch up with it. These are very deep thoughts. I believe to live life as it comes, and live every moment of it. Just dunno why I am writing this today, but I really feel better when I vent out stuffed things. There is so much to do and so little time. For the past few days I am getting sleep deprived. Some work keeping me up all the time and I hardly get to sleep even for 5 hours at night. I am not a person who sleeps time during day, but today I really dozed off for half and hour.

There are many thoughts running on in my mind. The thing which has majorly occupied my mind today is of life and death. Actually I am not a serial lover kind, but I get attracted to supernatural thriller things. My life has always been a fairy tale, with spices of reality thrown in between. I love the supernatural thing, suspense etc. I am hooked up to shree serial of zee tv (apart from shree and aapki antara, I don't watch any other serial). Mangalaben was my favourite character, and now they killed her. So bad these guys are. I am really disturbed, this shouldn't have happened. Later I thought, it might be good now as by being a spirit she will get to watch all the moves of sarlaben and somehow alert shree of her misdoings. But now they are killing even her spirit. I just want to know soon what will happen next. Will there be more deaths in raghuvanshi family. Ooh god, hope so not.

I am a very curious person. Whatever I set my heart on, I just want to know everything beforehand. I love to read very much. I am not just a bookworm, I can call myself a book-dinosaur. I completed the last book of Harry Potter in exact 24 hrs. Such was the enthusiasm and curiosity. However I beforehand read the last chapters just to make sure that it had a happy ending (there were many speculations that time, that harry will die). After that book, my family put a ban on my reading habits. Well, if not reading, I have other things to keep me up. And anyhow if I want to make people fed up, I can do that with anything, why just reading a book
;-) .

Its a very beautiful moment. Penning down all the memories. I love this. Earlier it used to be a diary now blogging. One day when I'll grow old and read all these post, it will be like living my life back once again. Life is so beautiful. And the one who made this life must be much more beautiful.

One good thing which I appreciate is that for the past few months(or i'll say since I started my blog) I was busy and stressed. And now, although the busy-ness is still there but the stress factor has gone out. Really thank my Rab for this. I am getting quiet sometime to experiment and majorly post them on my blogs too. Inshallah, there will be more on my blog from now onwards.

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