Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life In Diaries


Life in diaries...  Diaries have always been an important part in my life. Earlier when in school it would be made out of scrap papers to note down homework for the day. In college it would be usually to note down my feelings about life... Sometimes it would be writing down good quotes that I came across. When my mom went for Haj and when she usually had to stay with my dad that time I used diary to note down daily expenses. After my college my diary turned into my daily planner - writing down all the things for the day

Its like I developed some kind of attachment with diaries in my life. Therefore today while cleaning my cupboards I came across all these diaries that were a part of my life. I still wonder for what purpose I had kept them still and after going through them got a smile on my face. Me the 'raddiwali' of my family. Though they hold lots of beautiful memories and I was really happy to have them all back but my people won't allow me to collect any more such stuff which they think is of no use anymore. They don't understand the emotional values attached to it. Therefore before giving them out to the actual raddiwala I decided to click their pics and post it on my blog where they will serve as my memories for ever....

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