Saturday, January 22, 2011

Methi-Makki Rotis


After posting paneer haryali how could I not post methi makki rotis. It is one of the best thing I've ever tasted with paneer haryali. I am simply in love with the sweet taste that this roti carries. Apart from the wheat, rice, ragi, bajra, jowari rotis which I've made number of times before too. Makai rotis stole my heart  in first time itself. And over and above, I enjoyed making them...


Makai flour = 2 cups
Methi leaves = 2 cups
Green chillies = 2-3
Salt to taste

1. Finely cut methi leaves and green chillies.

2. Mix into makai flour with salt and knead it with lukewarm water.

3. Rest the dough for 1/2 hr.

4. Prepare rotis by wetting the hands. Do not roll them, just flatten them on a plastic sheet by using palms and fingers.

5. Roast them same as we do for rotis/chapatis. Be generous on using asli ghee while roasting the rotis. Serve hot.

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  1. the rotis look swell--and they are very healthy too !