Monday, October 4, 2010

Besan Ladoo


It happens not so often that whatever you wish in life gets fulfilled so sooner. Yesterday I was feeling a lill down coz of cough and cold. And food is among one thing that usually lifts up the spirits during such time. Yesterday mom had prepared burgers in the evening and I was really not into eating them. But... khana pada. Today the smell of roasting besan gave pleasure to my sensory organs so much that I became very impatient to eat them ( I wanted to eat them since a long long time ). It was a group work - my mom shared her recipe, one sis roasted the besan other grinded the sugar and ultimaltey they got tired... I had no patience to wait anymore so I offered to bind them. Please excuse the different sizes, I simply just wanted to devour them.... hmmm yummyyy!!!!

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