Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Art Class


Its really amazing how Rab answers our prayers so soon sometimes. I think its only last month that I posted about my love for paintings. And today I attended my first class of art. I simply love my Rab for being so nice to me. With the busy schedule I was just ignoring certain things and bolting up my feelings for them - painting is one among them. Besides my Rab I would really thank archana didi for this. And I would also thank janabji for this ;-D I am just so very happy to be back with my paintings, I just don't know how to express it here.

This as usual was my first assignment. And hey can you all see that 'v. good' over it. :-B I am so so so so so very happy. It still feels so good to receive a v.good from teachers.

Next was pencil shadings and we started out with diyas. I think even after a long time I am still pretty good at it.

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