Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Guest


We had some guests at our place today. The centre of attraction among them was this lill girl around 11-12 months old. Kids today are too smart for their age. I was playing with her and tried to make her laugh (or smile atleast....), but this girl she didn't even gave a single smile. Not ready to give up so easily, I tried to play mischief. She had worn bangles and I tried as if removing them. My mom said she is too small to understand that, but as soon as my mom spoke this words, dt girl shook off her hand as if nt ready to give in to me. Too smart. Ultimately before they left I made her laugh a couple of times.. Joker me.... ;-D

These are some of the few dresses my mom had stitched for her.. Surprising thing is that all these baby dresses has been made out of the remaining pieces of our dresses.

Its a quilt again made out of remaining dress pieces.. My mom made the covering and I stitched it all togather.. The above is one side of the quilt.

This is the second side...

This quilt is made out of my old dupatta.

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