Saturday, October 9, 2010

Funny Little Things


Since I got my new scooty, I didn't test ride it in front of my bro. Today morning he was at home and me and my youngest sis thought to go out for a ride alongwith him.. So excited I was to show my driving skills to my bro that in my excitement I didn't wear my Hijab, just covered my face with a scarf over jeans and kurti. My sis too had worn jeans. After a long test drive my bro went away and we both the sis were pretty enjoying ourselves like small kids.

After sometime we thought to head back home. We came back and parked our vehicle in our compound ground. No sooner did we parked, we received a call from my second sis saying that Janabji has come. Now thats like a hiroshima bomb falling on us. I dunno whether I should call it as a coincedence or not but it happens everytime. Whenever me or my sis wears jeans, janabji has to come. However that I wear hijab so it doesn't matters what I am wearing within, but my sis doesn't wears it. So she always gets into this probs time and again.
This time the probs was a lill serious type. Not only we both have worn jeans, besides me not wearing my hijab but also my kurti was short, like a lill above mid thigh size. I think I should give a lill intro of janabji.. or else everybody might think him to be a taliban. Hahahaha.
Janabji was our arabic tutor. He taught my youngest sis and bro. Now that we are grown up we usually restrict ourselves from coming infront of him. However he is a cool person not like a taliban. Its just out of respect that we usually avoid him ;-D My parents are very cool, they've never forced anything on us, its always our wish and they have respected it. It is only on us to keep up their faith and trust. Even if we would have come up in jeans infront of him, mom wouldn't have told anything but he being more on the traditional side, we didn't wanted to embarass either him or ourselves.
So what now? Told mom that we've already reached and can't wait to get back home until he goes away. So my mom (I love her for this) she said she'll drop our nighties and dupattas through the balcony. We can wear it over our jeans and come home. She said she'll handle it by saying we had just gone on the ground floor to meet one of our neighbour didi (we never go anywhere in our night dress :-D ).
Really life is sometimes so funny and exciting, one has to be a sport for all this. My mom put up our nighties and dupattas in a plastic bag tied it to a rope and slowly let it down. While we were standing to hold on that bag archana didi who stays on the ground floor saw all this commotion and came to our rescue. She asked us about all this and we narrated her the whole incident. She burst out into laughter and called us in. Thats were we quickly put on the nighties over our dress. That time archana didi showed us some of her pencil sketches, she said she has joined a drawing class (she is a mother of 2 teenagers). How I wish I too could start to paint again... Then she showed us some of her crocheted doilies. I asked her to share the book for patterns and she readily agreed. After some funny and quick chit-chats we left thanking her.
Came back home, quickly wished him salaam and ran towards the bedroom. :-) We had a hearty laugh after he went away..... God this incident will always be in my memories. I really thank my Rab for throwing in such bits of fun in my life.

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