Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Birthday


My birthdays have always been very special. All thanks to my family and friends. Everytime on my birthday I cut 2 cakes. One is from my family and one my friends bring it for me.. But that usually goes into playing cake holi. :-) This above one my brother bought it for me..

This cake my friend samidha bought for me. Well need I say how it got spoilt even before I could cut it. Ohh hoo the sort of junglis that we are.

This was my first birthday since my brother got a job. So this gift comes from him.. A beautiful necklace set. Well I should say my brother's choice is improving. Aakhir mera asar to hona hi hai na :-)

Loved this simplistic design.

This gifts are from my very best friend samidha. I once had expressed that I wanted a western coat type hijab. It was a long time but she still remembered and bought it for me on my birthday. And how could she forget my all time favorites bangles.

This is face cover that she specially searched and bought the one which she felt would be very comfortable for me. I can only appreciate her efforts.

This is the head cover which again she felt would be convienient for me to wear, so she bought this one. I really appreciate her efforts but to be true I am nt at all comfortable in this one. ; - D

Aahh haa!!! My fav bangles.. I dunno y I m soooo crazy for bangles. But the fact is I really am. And I was only too happy to get such a beautiful gift... The color combi is soo good and I just greedily opened and wore them then and there itself.

Here I am wearing the bangles...

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