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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Experimenting..... Loneliness....


My cooking has gone for a toss since after Eid. Currently we are only three persons at home and that too most of the time spent outside for work.. Usually get togather only for dinner. Me being the only one who comes back for lunch, don't at all feel to eat the leftovers alone and then cook fresh for dinner. The experimental keeda in me is kicking and I desperately want to try out something new, something different. But I dare not take a chance as ultimately that too would go in some compartment of refrigerator and wait untill I eat it or innovate it...

There was this veg in my refrigerator since two days, I ended up making sandwiches out of it. I had few pieces of bread left and one evening I felt hunger pangs itching out on me. So ultimately made bread pakoras with those leftover bread pieces. Didn't had the patience to click pics to post it here, so someother time..

I am cooking only half a cup rice for the three of us for dinner alongwith 3-4 rotis. But that rice too remains and ultimately gets stocked up in the refrigerator. Tomorrow is sunday, everybody at home, so thinking to make use of that rice by preparing kheer,, lets see.

I literally got bored, just wish that atleast my nani comes to stay with us for a few days... Atleast I'll get a reason to be back in my kitchen... experimenting....

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