Monday, November 15, 2010

November Rains


It was raining heavily today morning. The thundering shook me off my bed and I woke up coz of that. When I looked out through the window, the atmosphere looked to me from that of my school days... Aahh those days.... I would hate when it would rain early morning before going to school. Even after wearing a raincoat or carrying an umbrella, I would somehow get drenched. And sitting with that wet school dress would really put me off. I would always butter my mom for not going to school on such occassions. And my mom being a soft hearted person would always allow me in fear that I may catch a cold. However my buttering didn't used to prove fruitful everytime.. There were number of times also that my mom refused to let me stay back at home.

Yesterday night I was missing my mom very much and it has turned only worse today after the rains. Rab has created amazing people in terms of our parents. My mom says whenever we miss someone, instead of feeling sad, pray for them. Mom I am missing you very much. Please come back soon. Rab please help me and take care of my parents....

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