Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Flower Loom


I have mostly mentioned about the flower loom in my blog. This is the flower loom on which I usually make flowers. It is just very destressing sometimes to make flowers on it. My mom gifted me a complete beginners crochet set when I was a school going kid. It was she who instilled these hobbies in me. Last year too she gifted me a plastic cane craft kit, I am yet to use that. Insha allah will do that soon.

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  1. Insha allah - Samira - these looms do look lovely. When we start to knit on it the stitches are so wide and apart that the stitches does not create the look, the normal knitting needles create. I mean there is not gap between stitches. Thanks for following me. I have added myself as your follower. Hope our journey will grow together