Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Birthday Revisited


I couldn't celebrate my birthday with my friends this time. My mom had to go to my dad's place so was just busy with those preparations. My friends did come to my place with a cake but I was away that time with mom. They left after some time. This way our celebration was incomplete. On sunday when I went at her place for diwali, there we planned up for a second birthday :-D ..... Well my treat was pending so I suggested we go out and have dinner togather. But my sami is sami, she told me to prepare a meal at home itself. They asked for fish biryani, but I was in no mood for biryanis and definately no fish biryani for that matter.

I came back home and changed the menu. Later on tuesday she called up to say that she'll bring a fresh paplet and not to buy fish, but I said I've changed the menu. Got lill scoldings (funny) from her for that. Later on again she said not to prepare any sweet as she will bring cake. Always demanding and arguing and troubling me..... ;-D

However yesterday I prepared shahi chicken curry, paneer haryali, veg cutlets, kheema cutlets, zeera rice and cheelay (dosa) and then zebra cupcakes. Since afternoon I was alone at home. And my sis had locked me in while she went away. That was so because I take in my neighbour kids and play with them all the time. By this way they may think that nobody is at home. When it began to get dark outside, my neighbour kids saw the lights on in my house. They started shouting and calling me from the window. Anjali noticed that even the kitchen light is on that means somebody surely is at home. I called up neelam didi and told her to come soon in order to save me from this screaming kids.

My bro came first and them samidha. She got so irritated seeing nobody else arrived. And when she entered the kitchen her scoldings on me started again for preparing so much and that too alone.. However slowly slowly everybody else came and fun started. Before having dinner she asked me to cut the cake.. God.... now I knew why she was so pressing in on me for the cake thing. We didn't played holi with cake na.. Yup thats what we have always been doin since ages. Until and unless we don't smear each other with cake we dnt feel we've celebrated our birthday... And that thing she did on in abundance yesterday...

I was missing my mom very much, was just upset that she went away so soon this time. My friend samidha... love her for always cheering me up... She bought the cake all the way from andheri - Merwan's. This year I celebrated my birthday by cutting 3 cakes.. Had a wonderful time yesterday. I would ask from my Rab to keep all those people happy and safe who have always loved and cared for me..

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