Friday, November 12, 2010

More Crocheted Bags


My bags craze is so much that I have only forgotton how many I have made, kept and gifted away. While searching for something I laid my hands on these purses.

This was the purse I made alongwith holi purse. Mom had asked me to crochet a big purse and these crocheted squares were remaining with me. I had already made one blanket out of these squares and didn't had any heart to make another one. So ultimately used it for bag. But this bag is yet to be used. Now my mom says who uses such bags anymore....

I had made this pattern earlier in wool, later on I made it in purse thread. Again this is just stacked up in cupboard, as I don't prefer such fancy bags... Just for my craze I made it.. I really feel bad sometimes when I think about it.

This is also another unused bag, but I love this and Insha Allah someday will surely use it. I love it s color. and the beads i've attached to it. Its called an evening purse, pattern is from crochet pattern central.


This is again an unused bag. God!!! I dunno what I was thinking while making all these purses. Today I really feel guilty and realise my mom was correct in mentioning to make something useful,, which I will actually use, other than just satisfying my craze.

Closer look...

This is the batwa sort made out of scrap yarns. Again granny squares joined it make this sort of batwa. I don't remember where I got these square pattern but I feel the name of these square pattern is 'circle in a square'. Felt lill different so tried it out.


  1. awesome creations u and ur mom have !!! love to see more of ur hidden talents :9

  2. hai samira......very nice blog.....your crochet skills are amazing too