Sunday, November 14, 2010



Its a week since I clicked this pic. On last sunday when I was about to leave to meet my friend at her place for diwali... my neighbour kids came and asked me to accompany them to burst crackers as in phatakas ;-) I would be only too happy if didn't had to go out that time. I refused but they were adamant, however to turn their minds I told them that I will click the phatakas pics and then they can go out and burst it while I post it on my blog.. They agreed. I was already late so had no more time to waste, just flung my dupatta on the floor placed all the crackers they bought and quickly clicked this pic.

I would lie if I didn't post this pic on my blog. Therefore after a week, I m still posting something related to diwali.. When all my neighbour kids grow up and if they may chance to read my blog, I am sure their faith in me would be still strong as much as it is today.

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