Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masterchef - Children's Day Special


Today saw Masterchef children's day special. Although couldn't see completely, had some work so was just catching some and leaving some. What touched me today was Jayanandan Bhaskar's childhood memories - he gave a small but heart touching speech about his bachpan. Later on Pankaj Bhadouria's memories about her childhood and the determination and pain she is taking to give all the joys and happiness to her kids was really heart touching...

I am sure today on and off everybody might have shed tears - Me too.... Some sort of emotional person that I am. I missed my parents very much. Really we never understand the importance of parents in our life when they are near to us. Nobody can love us the way our parents do. We hurt them many times but even though their heart is just filled with love for us.

I also liked Joe Bath's enthusiasm. He too got very emotional and the moment the judge told about his daughter that if she would have been here, he immediately turned back to see whether she really was there. He was missing his daughter very much. The heaviness in his voice made it very much clear.

My mom always says "Bachon se ghar main raunak rehti hai". That is true I accept it, but one more fact is very true - and that is a home could never be a home when it does not have elders within it. Our elders guide us, love us, protect us. They do everything within their means and even beyond for our happiness. The thing which tops is their prayers which are always with us..

I am really missing my mom and dad today. Rab, what shall I do? You always have a solution for my problem. Today please help me. I really really need my mom besides me today. Don't know why, feeling disturbed - no reasons, nothing. Just like that. Please keep your blessings on my and everybody's parents. Protect them from all the evils of these world. Give them a loooong looooong life and a happy one too... Its you whom I trust more than anyone else. I hope with my heart you will surely accept this my small prayer today....

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