Sunday, November 28, 2010

Masterchef In Udaipur


Missed my Akshay Kumar's masterchef yesterday. Today around 11.30 it just clicked me and I instantly switched my channel on starplus, just to check if its showing the repeat telecast. Was just on seventh heaven when saw akshay kumar standing in a beautiful outfit... Looked like a prince, had to hold my heart to see if its safe and yet there.  I as it is love Rajasthan very much, the barren deserts and colorful people. My akshay kumar and the fort was like icing on the cake.. Was just amazed to watch the contestant cook in the Raj Rasoi... Hats off to all the contestants. Its not an easy task and with the courage and determination they were performing they deserve a bow.....

This episode was mesmerizing. The way the food is served to the king, the interiors of the fort, it was all so breath taking. The only thing which I didn't like in it was the uniforms of the darbaris.. It somewhat looked like firangis uniforms from Jhaansi ki rani. I feel it should've been something more traditional, isn't it?

Well, I think I should concentrate on food. Shweta and Joe's team was on a low since start,, she was concentrating on authencity and nothing else... The 'me being a rajasthani factor' ate her up. Felt bad for Joe. He is a very good and strong contestant. Me view is, he lost because of shweta, half the time helping her to burn the shegdi..

Pankaj and Jayanandan's team is a very thoughtful one. Both the contestants are upto the mark, have good co-ordination with each other. Loved the sone chandi ki moong and caramelised phirni.. Yup as the king commented, phirnis should be served in the gilli mitti bowl, it gives a distinct flavour to the phirni and is an unwritten part of a recipe.

Zebi and Ankita. One strong other wrong. Here I feel zebi lost because of ankita. Zebi completed her task and was running around to complete ankita's share. This time tough luck zebi,, her food was good but kandla and smita walked away with the thaal. Their lehariya mirch stole the show...

And now the winning team - Kandla and Smita.. This time the confidence and winning streak was clearly seen on smita's face right from the beginning. I remember her on blackforest rasgulla cake episode... Then and today, the intution in me told somehow she will surely win today... Cheers Ladies... Great Job.... Please pass on the lehariya mirch recipe.... ;-D  I am fida over it...

Overall I enjoyed very very much today... It was like a complete meal, all done with the fort, the interiors, the shahi way of serving, and my cutie pie akshay.... Loved the episode today.

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