Monday, November 8, 2010

Miss You Zainab Aunty


Its being a long time that we exchanged any mails. Don't know about you but I got busy into the daily grind of life. May be same with you. I just pray and hope everything is fine at your end.

Today dunno why but I am missing you very much. Therefore my today's post is for you. Things that you had sent alongwith my swap gift were since long in my drafts folder. I think today its the right time to post them here.

When my bro first saw this toy camera, he asked me how come you know that I still behave childish.. Well!!! I dunno whether I behave childish or not but its a fact that I still receive toy gifts from people whether they know me or not. So that means nobody wants me to grow up. ;-D. Now I use this camera to show off sumeet - my neighbour kid. He gets very jealous... So what, whenever he gets new toy even he comes to show me off to make me jealaous.. And I don't care, I still have so many toys - my dolls, my cars, my barbie kitchen sets etc....

Thanks for the chocolates..... How did u knw that peanut butter is one of my favs?

Thanks for everything. May Rab bless you....

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